Sunday, September 21, 2014

As a New Mama: Five Items Helping Me Out

Hi there!

For starters, I wrote this post over a week ago but never actually posted it.  Oops!  That's how quickly time is flying.  I can't believe how much my baby boy has grown since these pictures were taken.

We have now been living with baby Sage for six weeks (tomorrow!) and there are certain things that have greatly helped me over the last month and a half and continue to be very beneficial.  There is so much baby stuff that can be bought.  I found that as a new mama it's hard to know what you really need before you're in the moment.  Also, I do not like to fill my house with unnecessary stuff.  

The items below have made a big difference for me and our baby boy, so much so that I would recommend these items to other mamas (or dads!). Below I explain their importance to me and how they help each day.  

1. Rock n' Play:  I posted on Facebook that we were having trouble with our baby boy sleeping in his bassinet (which we returned) due to his reflux, and I got several responses saying great things about the Rock n' Play.  Thank you! It basically cradles Sage as he sleeps and has his body on a slight incline.  Without this, I'm not sure we be getting any sleep.  Sage still likes to sleep in our arms more, but he's been doing a great job sleeping more in the Rock n' Play at night.  Further, it's lightweight, folds up, and fits nicely next to our bed.  I'm not sure how long we'll have Sage sleep in it, but I read that the weight limit is 25 pounds.

2. Cloth Diapers:  I knew I wanted to use cloth diapers when I found out I was pregnant. I love the green aspect of it as well as the money savings.  Plus they are adorable and I think more comfortable for Sage.  One other bonus is we've only had one leak with the cloth whereas for the first two weeks with disposables we had many leaks.  We now have 18 BumGenius 4.0 diapers and so far I'm very happy with them.  I'll do a whole post on this eventually.  We ran out of disposables quick and I'm so glad we had our cloth diapers available.  It's really no big deal to me having to wash them each night.  

Sage goes through a lot of diapers and I feel much better covering his bum in a soft comforting cloth.

3. Bibs: When we received a lot of bibs at my shower, I thought we're going to need to return some.  I was so wrong! We go through a bib an hour some days.  Sage doesn't spit up a lot at once often, but little amounts, and bibs save me from having to change his outfit after each feeding.  Maybe not all babies need them, but I know they have been so helpful with my baby boy!

4. Nursing bras and tanks:  Right now I am home on maternity leave and nursing every 1-4 hours.  These make life so much easier.  I got a bunch of comfortable bras and tanks at Target and they are all I wear right now with a pair of leggings.  Cute, comfortable, and practical!

5. Jogger Stroller:  Sage and I started going for walks at three weeks old.  This jogger is fantastic.  It's so easy to use and high quality in my opinion. We originally had another jogger picked out, but then at the store a mom walking by recommended this one. I am so glad she did.  I know I'll use it for years to come.  Right now Sage is in the car seat that snaps in, but eventually he'll just sit in the jogger itself.  Also, getting out of the house for our morning stroll is really good for both of us.  I'm so happy to get moving!

I hope this was helpful.  Let me know if I can answer any questions regarding these items.  

What items helped you most with your baby?

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  1. Is it wrong that I'm jealous of how many Bum Genius diapers you have?? haha!! I seriously wish we had that many from the beginning and not the other lousy brands we started with (ahem…. gDiapers). We never had a Rock n' Play, but it's definitely something I would consider for the next because I've read SO much about them on blogs. Hope you and baby Sage are doing great :)