Monday, September 29, 2014

Five Things Monday


Ready for another quick update on my life? Sage fell asleep just before my friend visited this morning.  We were able to catch up and enjoy his cuteness sleeping in my arms.  He woke up just as she was leaving.

Look at those chubby cheeks. I just love them. Ok, onto my five things on this Monday!

1. Sage is seven weeks old today.  I say this like every post, but where is the time going?!  That outfit he's wearing lasted two hours and then we were onto the next. We're in the spit up on all my outfits phase.

2.  We visited family last weekend. This was the first time I had left my town in seven weeks.  Family lives just over an hour away.  We had to stop mid drive because Sage woke up hungry.  Therefore it was my first experience breastfeeding at a thruway stop in the car.  Our new car made our driving experience pure enjoyment (aside from when Sage was totally done being in his car seat and ready to get out!). We had a wonderful time with everyone.

3. Sage currently is rejecting the bottle and will only breastfeed.  It's frustrating for both my husband and I.  For me because I worry leaving him even just to grocery shop and for my husband because he wants to help out but if Sage won't take a bottle it's really tough.  We need advice! We're just going to keep on trying.

4. I'm doing great with making new recipes.  I'm diving deep into my vegan cookbooks.  I've made an apple crumble and apple pie in the last few days.  Getting in the fall spirit as well.  Just got to enjoy the apples this time of year.

5. I still haven't run yet!  Craziness.  I'm determined to get my new sneakers this week and get out there.  Maybe Sage and I will just venture out one day this week. Got to make it happen!  I have been walking two to three miles most days though so that counts for something.  

That just about sums things up for now.  

Are you an apple pie or apple crisp fan?


  1. Well I am an apple crisp girl through and through but that's because I've mastered the secret to the best apple crisp ever :) I double the topping mixture and add extra brown sugar. And I coat the apples in cinnamon. YUM!! As for Mr. Sage not taking a bottle.....the biggest problem for a breast feeding mom!!! You feel completely trapped because you're always on a time clock and anyone watching the baby is nervous because what if the baby wakes up early and is hungry, they can't do anything to help. Yup!! Been there!! My best advice would be to try putting a little breast milk right on the nipple itself and see if he'll take it that way. Just enough that he can get a little taste of it and think it's the real deal. He will always nurse better than a bottle until he's older, but at least if you can get him to take it sometimes, you aren't playing beat the clock every time you walk out of the house. Other than that, just keep trying. You will find you'll try different things and eventually you'll figure out what works for Sage. Good luck, you're doing a great job so far and yup, the time zips by like crazy!!!!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting Aimee! We appreciate your tips. We are just going to keep on trying with that bottle. And your apple crisp sounds fantastic!

  2. Sage is a little baby boy that knows what he wants :) Haha!

  3. That pie looks so tasty! Super impressed that you had time to make a pie with a baby in the house! I barely have time to do anything and only have to take care of myself ;-)

    1. I'm taking advantage of his naps. I go crazy cooking as soon as he falls asleep haha! And I have no idea how I'll cook anything once I'm back at work!