Thursday, September 25, 2014

Getting Fresh Air on a Fall Day

Hi there!

It's another glorious fall day here. This morning Jax joined us for the first quarter of our walk, but then I dropped him off at home and continued on walking with Sage. We listened to Fleetwood Mac as we walked today.

Yesterday was a very good day.  Sage slept 5 1/2 hours the night before.  I got close to a five hour stretch which is the longest stretch I've gotten in six weeks.  My body was in shock I think.  It's amazing what a little extra sleep will do for you.  There have been days when Sage and I stay in all day and just rest, feed, play and eat all day.  However, yesterday with that extra sleep, I was ready to get out and truly enjoy the day!  

My mom came to visit and that really inspired me because she loves to walk and do fall type things too. We started the day with a beautiful walk around my neighborhood.  She pushed the stroller while I walked both pups (or they walked me I should say).

Then it was time for lunch. Sage napped in his grandma's arms and I made cream of tomato soup with pita chips from the Oh She Glows cookbook.  Delicious!  Super simple and takes just 30 minutes.  

I then attempted to nap, but my little boy must have known because he then woke up and was ready to eat. Oh well! Ten minute power nap it was.  Sage is currently rejecting the bottle and will only breastfeed.  He took the bottle initially but the last few days he won't take it.  I pray it's a phase.  So, I fed Sage and then we were off to a local pumpkin farm/shop.

My mom and I got super chocolately ice cream and then hungout at a picnic table for a while just enjoying the scenery. Sage eventually woke up hungry.  

How pretty is that scene behind us?  I thank my mom for getting me out of the house because it was really refreshing and Sage enjoyed it too.  

We came back home as my husband was getting home from work.  My mom got on the road to go back to her house and I made dinner.  Peanut noodle stirfry from Isa Does It cookbook.  I was on a roll with cooking.  And there were chocolate covered pretzels for dessert.

I finished the night with a lovely cup of Cherries Jubilee tea.  I'm excited for all those other flavors that I got from the shop earlier.

After being sick last week, I really appreciated the renewed energy I had to get out in the world.  Sage didn't sleep as much last night but I'll take every hour I get!

What's your favorite tea?

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