Friday, September 5, 2014

First Morning Walk and Meal Planning

Good morning!

This morning was the first time that Sage and I went out into the world.  It felt amazing.  It was wonderful to get some exercise and fresh air.  I think Sage agrees.  We strolled along for just under two miles.  I love my neighborhood with all the paths and trees.  I haven't been out in it for so long that it really just gave me a major adrenaline boost to be out in nature.  I have such happy memories of running the streets and trails last year and just power walking for starters felt fantastic.  Another few weeks and I plan to start running again too.  I think power walking is a good way to ease back into things considering I took a long break from running during my pregnancy.

In other news, I'm trying to do a better job with meal planning.  I used to grocery shop and have dinner makings on hand without planning specific meals for each night, and my husband and I would kind of wing it making what we felt like for dinner.  However, I think now with a newborn in the picture it will be much easier if I actually plan a few dinners each week (with leftovers).  I'm already planning on making this soup over the weekend.

Here are some upcoming dinners I'm planning.  These recipes are from Isa Does It.  

Peanut Dragon Noodle
Red Lentil Thai Chili
Curried Peanut Sauce Bowl
Cozy Hummus Bowl

I have been doing a decent job with breakfast and lunch.  I make a shake everyday, try to eat a salad sometime throughout the day, and have had plenty of So Delicious coconut milk yogurt with trail mix.  We've been going through a lot of grapes lately and I made some Banana Everything cookies (packed with oats, whole wheat flour, walnuts, banana, and chocolate chips) that are addictive.  I basically eat all throughout the day because I'm hungry.

Sage will be a month old on Monday!  He's so much more alert and awake for longer periods.  When I went to put him in his car seat yesterday I realized he'd outgrown the setting from when we brought him home from the hospital!  Had to make the straps bigger for growing baby boy.  He is fascinated by the hanging toys and loves when the mobile moves around as of this week.  He even swatted at one of the toys with his hand and it blew my mind.  Of course it could have been pure coincidence that he touched the toy, but I was still a proud mama.  

It's Friday which is awesome.  The week flew by... I have a feeling the weeks are going to do that.  We are entering my favorite time of the year.  I adore autumn.  I love the cold air, the changing leaves, the foods, the colors, the way it makes me feel.  Today it still feels like summer out there, but I know fall is right around the corner.  

Do you meal plan?  How was your week?

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