Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sage: Month One Baby Update


Sage officially turned one month old on Monday.  Happy one month birthday to Sage!  He dressed up for the occasion.  The past month flew by.  He is growing and developing before our eyes.  We are having the best time getting to know him.  I hold him in my arms and feel so blessed that he's my son.  

The first month has been incredible and a huge learning experience.  The best experience.  I am much more confident as a mama than I was just weeks ago.  Everyday I gain confidence as I spend more time with baby boy.  Sage and I teach one another.  

I'd say around week three I really started to get into a rhythm with things.  I began to anticipate Sage's needs and just feel more comfortable caring for him in general.  

Here are some specifics on his likes, dislikes, eating and sleeping.

Likes:  Sage loves to sleep in our arms.  He's a cuddler.  He likes to look into our eyes.  Also, he likes when we hold him and walk around.  The swaying is comforting to him.  I've made countless laps around the kitchen island singing to him.  He likes music.  My husband walks around the house holding Sage with an assortment of music playing from his phone and Sage enjoys it all from classical to hip hop.  He likes starring at lights, bright colored toys and fans catch his attention.  He loves to lay on his changing table with a blanket on him and flall his arms and legs playing with the blanket.  It's entertaining to watch and it calms him down every time I put the little blanket on him while I change his diaper.  Sage likes to go on walks with his mama.  I started walking last week and I try to go just after Sage has fallen asleep.  At bathtime his daddy puts a warm towel on his body and Sage loves it.  

Dislikes:  He doesn't always like bathtime particularly when we're trying to dry him off at the end.  He gets frustrated when he's getting his diaper changed and he's hungry.  He hates to wait to eat.  He does not like being overtired which I can tell immediately if he's been up a while and starts to get fussy and isn't calmed by eating.  

Sleeping:  Sage sleeps for 1-4 hours every 1-3 hours.  I get about 2 hour chunks of sleep at night, sometimes a little more or less.  Again, he loves sleeping on my or my husband's chest or in our arms.  He's getting much better about sleeping in his rock n' play, although, sometimes he wakes up soon after we set him down.  He's been sleeping more at night, but wakes up to eat.  He is a very active and noisy sleeper!  He moves his arms a lot and makes grunting and cooing noises.  My husband and I often think he's awake when we hear him, but then check on him and see he's fast asleep.

Eating:  He has been a great eater from day one.  In the beginning it was more difficult because of his reflux, but really I just had to learn the proper way to hold him when breastfeeding so that he is more upright.  Sage eats every 1-4 hours and always is hungry and eager to eat.  He signals that he's hungry with his mouth motions.  I feel really lucky that he took to breastfeeding so easily.  In week three we introduced a bottle after dinner so I could get a break at one feeding and nap.  

He has taken every bottle so far, but was a little confused at first (says my hubby).  

Playing:  He loves his mobile!  As of week three he started going in the pack n' play daily for 10-20 minute chunks of time and is completely entertained by the dangling toys.  He tries to swat at the toys too.  This development was amazing to watch.  

Sage, we love you more than words can say!  You are a wonderful baby and bring so much happiness to our lives.  We love every minute with you and can't wait to continue to watch you learn and grow.


  1. So cute! I love love love reading about his progress. And I love his little tie shirt. So fancy!

  2. ADORABLE - love the super man and super dad ;) shirts! So glad our boys are the same age as it will be fun to follow them all!

  3. Already a month old! Growing so quickly! It is so weird that one minute I followed your pregnancy (I am currently 34 weeks pregnant!), the next you have a baby (so amazing how suddenly they are in this world - and so complete) - and the next they are ticking off the "month" boxes ;-). Also I am so happy to read that you are really enjoying things so far and getting into the groove!

    Hello from Germany!