Monday, October 20, 2014

10 Weeks Later with Baby Sage

Hi there!

Just a few minutes ago Sage turned 10 weeks old.  It's close to 6AM and he has just fallen back asleep in my arms.  Baby boy slept from 8:30PM to 5:00AM last night! I'm so impressed.  That is by far the longest stretch of sleep for him and myself yet.  I think I slept close to eight hours last night...that's CRAZY!  It's probably been close to a year that I've slept that long.  

I wanted to do a post on life 10 weeks later with our beautiful baby boy.  It's a way for me to remember little details in time.  I'll be doing a three month update for Sage soon so this is more about me.  Here I go!

Ten weeks later...

I'm getting substantially more sleep than those early weeks of 2-4 hours each night of interrupted sleep.  I'm not even sure how I was functioning then. Well, I didn't leave my house for a month at first.  The female body is incredible.  If you had told me I'd be getting by on that little sleep (which I suppose people did) I would have been a bit scared.  Taking care of another life and being crazy sleep deprived is no joke.  However, I found energy reserves that seemed to not exist prior to becoming a mama.  It's remarkable where you find the energy when you feel like you have none.  It's all worth every sleepless night.

Sage is sleeping in the Rock n' Play next to our bed.  I'm not sure when we'll try to move him over to his crib.  I'm certainly not ready yet.

I'm cooking and baking a lot again.  So much of these updates relate to sleep.  Less sleep meant lack of desire to cook because I just wanted to sleep every chance I got.  Now, I'm constantly looking for new recipes to try. I'm really having fun cooking and being home with Sage.  He often hangs out with me in the kitchen.  He likes watching me bounce around and talk to him.

I'm so grateful that I'm home on maternity leave for another two months because I do not feel ready to go back to work yet.  I'm just not ready to leave Sage.  I love spending my days with him. It's such a special time and he's a blast to hangout with.  Watching him develop and grow each day is the most precious thing.

I'm almost back to my pre-baby size.  My clothes fit.  Pants are just slightly tighter.  I'm guessing I'm a few pounds heavier.  I have noticed with running though that my stomach has gotten tighter the last few weeks.

There's plenty of laundry each day.  Who knew such a beautiful little person could go through so much laundry.  

We're loving our cloth diapers.  They are the best!  We have 18 Bum Genius 4.0s and I highly recommend them.  Sage hardly has any diaper rash from them, very rarely do they leak, and the best part is we haven't spent a dime on diapers in 10 weeks.  

I still get overly emotional at times.  Being a mama is hard work.  Sage was crying Saturday evening really hard for just a few minutes and I think he was just really overtired.  He was so worked up that he wouldn't eat.  I knew he just needed to relax.  My husband scooped him up out of my arms and I just started to cry.  I too was overtired and drained and my body just needed that release.  Sage maybe cried for five minutes tops, and then fed and went to sleep.  Looking back, it was no big deal, but sometimes those moments are tough.  We both just wanted to comfort him.

I'm running again!  Sadly on my two mile run yesterday my knees hurt. Boo!  It felt great otherwise though.  Jax had fun too.

The house doesn't feel like a disaster.  No energy to clean in those early weeks. With my husband's help, our house has been looking good.  We are not clean freaks and our house definitely looks lived in on a daily basis, but that's ok.  We even got a new rug yesterday.

We grocery shopped as a family for the first time yesterday as well.  Just a week ago I'm not sure I would have been up for that.  Sage does not like to just hangout when he's awake.  He loves to be watching his mobile or playing with a blanket or interacting with his parents.  I can already tell he will be a little boy that can't sit still. However, the Moby Wrap has been comforting to him on our last few outings.  He can look around and he has been falling asleep in it.  Plus, I love having him close to me.

I feel blessed everyday to be a mama.  Sage is our little angel.  He's been sleeping in my arms while I typed this post on my phone.  I cherish these moments and hold them close to my heart.

How was your weekend?

How have the last 10 weeks been for you?

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