Wednesday, October 22, 2014

We Are Ready for Halloween

Hi there!

I'm not a huge Halloween person.  I loved it as a kid and in college it was always a great excuse for a good party, but in recent years I haven't gotten that excited about Halloween.  I do love the candy (last year's post: Halloween Candy - Cruelty-Free & Animal Friendly!)
and watching Hocus Pocus though!  And this year I am having a blast dressing up Sage.

Thank goodness he puts up with his mama.  This weekend we have a pumpkin carving party and I'm so excited to bring our little munchkin.

In other news, I have been taking advantage of this glorious fall weather and running close to every other day, two miles with the dogs.  I took Lincoln, our yellow lab, for the first time yesterday and boy did he give me a workout!  He dragged me along with him and I appreciated the push to keep on going. At 14 years old he is in incredible shape.  Thank you for the workout, Lincoln!

Jax is fun to run with too if you want to be lazy.  He sniffs a lot and isn't as fast.  They are good boys.  I can only take one at a time though because it just wouldn't flow all of us running together.  I might lose an arm or something.  My knees have felt tight lately which doesn't make me happy, but I'm staying positive and jumping into running again slowly.

Today, we are visiting the babysitter again for an hour.  I'm making a routine of this over the next two months to get acclimated.  Sage still won't take a bottle so each week we're going to have the sitter try.

I think I might go sign my husband and I up for the gym by our house today too.  I want this nice fall weather to last for a while, but I want the gym to fall back on if it turns. 

Sage is holding my hand while I type this post... No words to describe how that makes me feel.  He's overdue for a morning nap. Sweet boy.

This post is random, but I wanted to say hi!  To sum things up:  Halloween is super fun with my baby boy, I'm running again, and I love autumn.  There we go!

What are you doing for Halloween?

What's your favorite candy?

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