Thursday, October 30, 2014

What Do You Want to Read About?

Hi there! 

How's your week?  Halloween tomorrow!  I will not be trick-or-treating as Sage is a bit young for that, but I do have a bag a candy for handing out.  My plans include snuggling on the couch with my husband, Sage and the pups (ok, we won't all fit on the couch but the pups wish) and watching something Halloween related.  I'd like to cook a new recipe for dinner so I'll keep you posted (via Instagram) on that.

Love A Latte has covered a bunch of topics over the last (almost) two years: food - vegan and macrobiotic recipes, grocery shopping, lattes, Macrobiotics, running, pregnancy, life with baby, chatter about the day-to-day...

I know I bounce around a lot and then often get stuck on a topic, like with running, and then with pregnancy...

But what do you like to read about most?  I blog for myself (great outlet!) but also to inspire (and be inspired) and connect with others, like you!  So what do you enjoy hearing about?  Do you like to know what I'm eating as a plant-based eater? Are you interested in my life with a baby? Do you miss me sharing about my running and training? Should I just ramble?  I'm curious!

Ok, let me know your thoughts by commenting, emailing, or Facebook.  I SO appreciate it!  

P.S.  I had my first seasonal craving for a Starbucks peppermint latte... Must. Wait. Until. November...


  1. I like it all, ramble away! I dabble in vegan eating, so it's always nice to see posts about food. Oh, and it sounds like you need a bigger couch :-p

  2. Hi! I stumbled across your blog a couple of months ago when I was cooking from The Kind Diet and was searching for other people who had tried the recipes. That was right around the time you had Sage so now I keep popping in to see how everything is going. He is super cute! So I love food posts (and baby posts!), but I am also all for rambling away - life is always going to be a great mix of things :)

  3. There honestly isn't anything I like more over the other. I know you're looking for feedback, but I guess I'm no help. I have been enjoying posts on Baby Sage <3

  4. Um, peppermint mocha needs to happen NOW!!! Gah it's the best, and the caramel brulee.

    I really love baby and food posts, but that's just me. Everything is great!