Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday: My Day with Baby Sage

Hey hey hey!

We're getting in the Halloween spirit over here. By that I mean that Sage is wearing his pumpkin pajamas and spooky ghost hat.

I'm enjoying the view from my kitchen window.  I have been cooking up a fall inspired storm lately.  Many of the recipes include butternut squash because it just screams autumn to me.  Also, there was that Gooey Pumpkin Spice Latte Chocolate Pudding Cake that I just HAD to try, and thank goodness I did because it rocked my world.  I'm still eating the leftovers.  I've also been really into soups lately, the more veggies, grains, and beans the better!

It's about time that I participate in "What I Ate Wednesday" because I do these sort of posts anyways. I'd like to make a habit of it.  Here I go with yesterday's eats.


Bowl of this Kashi cereal with vanilla almond milk and a mug of kukicha tea on the side.

I thought the cereal would be much more interesting if my dogs were posing behind it.  As you can tell, the sun was shining.

Sage and I then had an errand to run for my husband because he needed some craft supplies for a Halloween project he was doing with the kids at the school he works at.  Always nice to get out of the house a bit.


Tempeh BLT sandwich (leftovers).  I fry the tempeh and then dump on Frank's Red Hot sauce.  

The sandwich also had avocado, Vegenaise and tomato.  

I was actually starving for this an hour earlier, but Sage fell asleep in my lap and I didn't want to move him.  Too precious.

Can you spot the two pups napping in this picture too?  


Gooey Pumpkin Spice Latte Chocolate Pudding Cake time!  If you like chocolate, pumpkin and coffee, then this recipe is for you! I topped it with chocolate ice cream. I really like coconut milk ice cream better than soy, but this big container was only a dollar more and that meant more ice cream for me, so I went for it this time.  My picture of the cake inside the mug doesn't do it justice so you'll have to just make it and see.

Sage played with his mobile while I got ready to take him to the babysitter. As mentioned, I am taking him for an hour once or twice a week so both he and I can get acclimated before I go back to work.

While Sage was at the sitter, I got in a much desired run around the sitter's complex.  My knees felt a bit better on this run than the last.

When my run was done, I texted to see how Sage was doing and was happily told that he was sound asleep.  So I made a quick run to Target!


I chugged down this coconut water from Target like it was nobody's business.  Then I picked up a few other items (some crazy Halloween leggings included) and drove back to pick up my sweet baby boy.


Back at home, I had a cup of Butternut Squash, Chickpea and Red Lentil Stew to keep me full til dinner.  I made a big batch of this in my slow cooker over the weekend. 


I know it's a super early dinner, but we were hungry.  Dinner will certainly not be this early once I'm back at work.  Once my husband got home yesterday, he took Sage watch and I began cooking.  Peanut noodle stirfry with broccoli and tofu was on the menu.  I love the Peanut Dragon Dressing from Isa Does It cookbook. I used to buy a Thai Peanut Sauce from Wegmans, but not anymore with this simple and delicious recipe.

I used a really creamy organic peanut butter this time and man did it make this dish taste the best yet.


Almond Joy Cookie that Oh She Glows posted on Instagram - only three ingredients!  I made a batch last week to have in the freezer.  I was walking Sage around as he was falling asleep for a nap while eating this so I didn't get a picture.

Another day of eats came and went.  Gosh, food is good.  It was a day of scrumptious eats and a wonderful day spent with my baby boy.

What's the best thing you ate yesterday?


  1. I had no idea lemonade coconut water existed. I'm not sure it would survive in my home for long. Haha!

    Best thing I ate yesterday? Probably a tie between leftover chicken fried rice I had for lunch & sloppy joes (minus bun) with a side of cauliflower for dinner. Both were delicious.

  2. Wow yummy day of eats! Your sandwich looks SO good!

  3. I have temph BLTs on the dinner plan for tomorrow night and I am SO excited... with Vegenaise of course!