Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hello, November + I'm thankful for...


It's never jumped from August to November so quickly in my life.  Having a baby and spending all your days with him will do just that. I am so thankful for my maternity leave from work.  I'm going back just after Christmas and I'm soaking up every minute home with Sage.

Even if that means getting up at 6:30AM (after getting up at 3:30AM for a feeding) this morning.  Sage was awake and ready to play!  At least that gave me time to grab a bowl of granola and my tea, and realize I needed my glasses if I planned to really wake up.

I thought a great way to kick off the month would be to list 20 things I'm thankful for it being the month of Thanksgiving.  I am the most grateful for my family. That goes without saying. They are my greatest blessing.  And having our sweet baby boy with us this Thanksgiving is the biggest blessing of all.  But here are 20 little pieces of happiness that make me smile.

This face of joy (I had to include the cuteness!)

Tea every morning

Too many pairs of sneakers

Early morning quiet time just sitting in silence when Sage is napping in my arms 

Jax (poor jealous pup) being so loving and just wanting attention 

Wegmans, THE BEST grocery store

Lots of windows in my kitchen/living room area letting me enjoy autumn

Long maternity leave 

So many cookbooks (vegan!).  Pictured is The Kind Diet and the incredible PB Cups I made for Halloween.

A family car that we (pups included) can all travel in

Friday night takeout (Chinese last night).  I always get the same thing - mixed veggies and tofu in spicy garlic sauce, please.

All Sage's amazing hand-me-down clothes that were lent to us and are so darn cute.

A really good blender for all my smoothies, soups, chopping nuts, grinding oats into flour...

Lincoln, my husband's family dog, at 14 years old he still has so much energy.  Wherever I go in the house, he's there.

A beautiful neighborhood in Central New York to live in.

Running goals. Races I want to accomplish.

Other life goals that excite me.  Macrobiotic Counselor. Vegan Lifestyle Coach. Someday...

Being in my late twenties.

My health.  I largely thank my whole foods, plant-based diet for that.

My home...but especially all the special people (hubby + baby) and pups in it!

What's on your thankful list?


  1. Yes to Wegman's being the best grocery store! Everyone can say Whole Food is the best, but you & I both know that's completely inaccurate.

    I sure hope time slows down for your sake. Sage is going to miss his Momma! Will a family member then watch him, or do you guys need to find a daycare center?

  2. Love this! That is awesome that you get such a long maternity leave and get to enjoy the holidays at home!

  3. Love this! I agree with Wegmans and long maternity leaves ;-) Happy you're enjoying all the time with Sage!