Thursday, April 30, 2015

I'm Still A Blogger

Hi there!

You may have thought I quit blogging. Well, aside from the Sage monthly updates that I've kept up with.  I swear that's not the case.  I'm still here and I still love this little space of mine.  I just haven't had the time or maybe I should say the desire to blog.  Hmm...that's not really it though.  The truth is that the time I have to blog is at night after Sage has gone to bed and I've done all I need to do to prepare for the next day, but by that time I just want to hangout with my husband and go to sleep.  

It boils down to the fact that Sage isn't sleeping through the night and I'm just tired.  Some days more than others.  I wouldn't change it for the world, but I truly haven't slept all that much in the last nine months, so priorities change.  Thanks for understanding.

Let me try to update you on my life a bit!

I started a new job two months ago and it's going great.  I still work in the legal field but no longer in the law firm setting.  I get home a little earlier each night to my family - hooray!  The weather is finally nice and I've been walking on lunch with a friend and at night my husband and I try to get out with Sage in the stroller and the dogs alongside.  The weeks just fly by.  April seemed nonexistent.

I'm on a kick of shakes for breakfast and monster salads for lunch.  Dinner is whatever we can scrape together quickly so we can play with Sage as much as possible before he goes to bed.  I've been enjoying many bowls of soy and/or coconut milk ice cream for dessert especially Trader Joe's chocolate cherry soy ice cream, delish!

And running... No update there.  I just can't get up any earlier - I get up at 5:45 as it is - and then I already explained my nighttime.  It's the lack of sleep factor.  It's the reason.  Sleep is just more important right now.  That being said, I feel a change in the air.  Sage is almost 9 months old and we are going to cut out that middle of the night nursing session.  I've been trying to do this for a bit.  It's a habit now and a tough one to break!  I'm so inspired to get running with the nicer weather.  Plus I work with people who are avid runners and hearing about their running just makes me want to get out there even more.  The universe is telling me that I need a good run.  Sage in the jogger and mama running...its on the weekend agenda.

So there's my brief update.  I'll be back soon.

How are you?

Mamas:  How did you cut the middle of the night feeding?


  1. What? Hopefully you don't get a double post, but you just might - but here goes again:

    Tips to cut out night feeds: cut down the time you allow them to feed - with my first when I did that, he got angry if I stopped him before he was ready, so I didn't continue after a few tries.

    The next method is, unfortunately, cry it out or get daddy to console him in the middle of the night. We co-slept so we didn't do this until 17 months, and with our second we are in the same pattern already but I probably won't go as long to sleep train but probably not until after a year at least. You will know when you are ready and it sucks when you do it, but 3 ish days and usually you have broken the habit.

  2. Hi Em
    What are Sage's feed times currently?