Saturday, June 20, 2015

Five Life Updates

Hi there!

Back again on a Saturday.  My baby boy is napping and my hubby is at the gym, and here I am!  I could jump on the treadmill, but I just ate cookies from my Vegan Cuts box that happily arrived today, so later it will be.  Here are some updates from my life since I pop in so infrequently these days...

1.  I'm running again!  I ran 5 miles on Wednesday and it was awesome.  My husband put Sage to bed and I took off for a night run which is totally new for me (used to be an early AM runner) and I really enjoyed it.  I actually ended up running 5 miles, but I stopped at our community garden at mile 4 and didn't record the last mile.  This was my first run on the road without Sage in the jogger and I felt like I was flying.  Slowly getting back to my old pace...

2. I'm officially done breastfeeding/pumping for Sage.  This is just bizarre.  I nursed Sage exclusively during my 4 month maternity leave and when I returned to work in January I started pumping four times a day (twice at home and twice at work).  Around nine months postpartum Sage stopped nursing in the night (sleeping through the night more - woohoo!) and my supply took a dip.  I kept up pumping, but I wasn't producing nearly as much.  Over the last month my supply continued to decrease and we were using our freezer stash and then formula (we like Baby's Only Organic!).  I first dropped my work pumps and then a week later the night pump and this morning was the first time I didn't pump upon waking. 

Part of me is happy to be done pumping because our lives basically revolved around my pumping schedule, but another part of me is sad because it represents my baby growing up.  Mixed feelings, but it feels like the right time for us.  I did feel a little nauseous/fatigued when I dropped my work pumps.  My friend had warned me that it feels like the first trimester and she was right!  I was wondering why I felt sort of off and then it made sense.  Just my body acclimating.  

3.  I'm going back to blonde (Tuesday)!  I haven't colored my hair in close to two years and I need a change.  For a while I was set on sticking with my natural color, but now I want to liven things up.  Back to blonde I go...and then I'll probably go another two years without coloring it.  This picture is from summer 2012 in Seattle.  I want that color back.

4.  I'm making most of Sage's food now and it's fun.  For a while we were relying on the Beech Nut and Earth's Best organic jars.  They are convenient and Sage loved them, but they get expensive and really it just makes more sense for me to make the food.  Especially considering a bag of organic carrots is like $2 and makes A LOT of food for Sage.  We are trying to get him to eat more finger foods each night, but he's not at the point where he gets enough in his mouth for it to be considered a meal.  Therefore, we still need purees on hand.

5.  Tomorrow is Father's Day (as I'm sure you know).  We are going to lunch with my parents to celebrate.  Listening to my husband and Sage laugh together and watching Sage light up whenever he sees his daddy fills me with such joy.  The picture below is from the first day in the hospital with our boy.  They were buds from the start.

And I truly cannot believe my boy will be a year soon.  I'm finding myself quite sentimental and often reflecting on the last year.  I have a post I'd like to do about it, but we'll see if I actually get it up here.

That about sums things up!

What's going on in your world?


  1. Love all the updates - here and on IG :) It is such an amazing time - the end of breastfeeding doesn't seem like it was >16 years ago, all of what you said made sense (except, y'know, it was my wife :) ).

    So many of these things happening have two types of feelings - right up to now with one boy graduating high school and the other entering senior year!

    Happy father's day to you guys!

    1. Thanks Michael! Hope you had a wonderful Father's Day with your boys!

  2. Weaning. It's such a strange time and a bit of a guilt time too. I remember with my first the first night that he didn't nurse before bed and I felt like I was going to go through a personality crisis!

    Summer also, to me, means getting blonder! Due to timing, you probably have your new do already!

    1. Totally mixed emotions!! I'm a few weeks out now so I feel better about it but it's so strange to be done. And yup, I went blonder! :)

  3. Doesn't it feel great to be done with pumping and back to running? Somehow I could never do both of those things at the same time. I can't wait to get myself back up to 5 miles. Some day... :)

    1. It does feel good! I couldn't do both at the same time either. The times I had to run, I needed to pump and it just didn't work well for me to do both. I'm slowly getting back into it...all in good time, right? :)