Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sage: Month Eleven Baby Update

Hi there!

Back for Sage's 11 month update.  What?!  My baby boy is so close to a year old.  Fastest year of my life.  This time last year I was ready to pop.

It's been a great month with our boy.  His personality is sparkling and he makes us laugh constantly.    All he wants to do is play, play, play!  Boy does he know how to express himself.  He is such a happy guy and it's pure joy watching him learn and grow.  Onto the updates!

Likes:  Sage loves to be on the move.  He has a blast playing with his toys in our family room.  He also chases Jax around and gets a kick out petting him (when Jax lets him).  Sage likes running errands with his parents because he gets to sit in the cart and look at everything.  We've gotten him a balloon at the grocery store a few times and he thinks that it's just the best thing ever.  Sage still spends time in his rolling chair each day and travels all around the house.  Opening up the cupboards is great fun.  He climbs up on just about anything he can, pulling himself up and walking along chairs, walls, cupboards, the dishwasher..

Dislikes:  Sage doesn't do the best in long car rides because he wants to get out and play.  He does well just around town, but on our longer trips over an hour he gets antsy.  I often have sat in the backseat and entertained him.  Sage doesn't like getting his diaper changed or putting on his pajamas when he's tired before bed.

Eating:  Sage drinks 20-25 oz of breastmilk/formula each day and eats three meals.  We are using up my freezer stash of breastmilk and I think this will be the last month of it.  Sage's favorite foods are Trader Joe's Cherrios, potatoes, blueberries and blackberries (especially mixed in oatmeal), banana, raspberries, coconut milk greek yogurt or plain greek yogurt, quinoa burger, pancakes (just tried!), mango, sweet potatoes, and especially Chipotle rice, black beans and guacamole.  We are really trying to do more finger foods than purees at this point.  Sometimes Sage digs it and sometimes not.   Sage still drinks out of bottles, but we are trying to incorporate the sippy cup more.  Sage likes to drink water out of a sippy cup, but a lot of the water ends up on him.

Sleeping:  Sage typically naps at 9:30AM and 2:30PM for 30 minutes to two hours.  At night time we do bath at 7PM and then bottle, and Sage is typically asleep by 7:30PM (sometimes a little later).  Sage usually sleeps until 5:30-6AM, but sometimes we are lucky and he'll sleep until 6:30AM.  Sage no longer feeds in the night (only very sporadically) but still has wake ups sometimes.  I was going in to his room and rocking him, but have stopped that and Sage will put himself back to sleep within a few minutes generally, sometimes he just wants to hug his small blanket.  More and more he slept all the way through the night (which is just incredible for mama!). 

Key Dates:

June 19 - visited daddy at his school, went out to dinner to Chipotle and ate lots of guacamole, then he slept 8-6:30!

June 24 - slept 7:45 to 6:15

June 27 - first trip to Adirondacks 


New this month:

Sage now waves to people, especially to daddy

Sage gives kisses (open mouth - ha, he doesn't quite get it yet)

Walking down our hall pushing his car

Walks holding onto one of his parents hands 

Loves being in walker and goes all over house 

Went to first wedding - Loves balloons 

First vacation to the Adirondacks (slept horribly)

Stood by himself for a few seconds without holding onto anything

Trying lots of new foods like eggs, pancakes, coconut milk Greek yogurt, plain Greek yogurt, nectarine, whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce

Also, Sage's eczema improved greatly this month.  It all went away on his body and is just healing now.  We have no idea what the trigger was (didn't seem food related), so we just continue using the baby ganics cream daily to keep it moisturized.  

Talks more (babbling).  We love hearing his voice.  He'll often interrupt our conversations because he's got something to say!  We swear he says da da (daddy) though.  Maybe a ma ma in there too (I like to think!)

Sage, you are a magnificent baby boy and we love you more than words can say!

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