Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sage: Month Ten Baby Update

Hi there!

Back again with another Sage update.  10 months old!!!  This is just nuts to me.  How has 10 months gone by sooo fast?!  It's crazy because those early weeks are so scary, incredible, exhausting, precious, amazing, exhausting (oh wait I already said that...), but then I blinked and Sage is almost a year.  I feel like my baby is turning more toddler by the day and I'm just holding tight onto these baby moments with him.  

This month was all about Sage being on the move and getting into everything.  It's been a blast.

Likes:  Sage loves to explore everywhere and anything he can get into.  He enjoys walks/runs in his stroller.  If he's tired or a little cranky, it completely relaxes him.  His favorite toys are his yellow dog stuffed animal, farmhouse (which he can now pull the lever to open the farm door), his new chair, his car, and his ball (which he rolls back and forth with mommy).  Sage loves going to the grocery store, farmers market, and anywhere in his baby carrier.  He also has a great time sitting in the cart.

Dislikes:  Sage does not like getting dressed when he's either tired or just wants to play.  He does not want to stay still.  Diaper changes are a challenge.  We have to distract Sage and change that diaper FAST!

Play:  Sage wants to be on the floor so he can go everywhere! Crawling is how he gets places but standing up and using the furniture to balance is the main event.  He stands up everywhere.  If he sees the fridge or dishwasher open he flies to the kitchen.  If the dog bowl is down then he's there and we quickly scoop it up.  Sage loves the fan in our bedroom and laying in our King bed staring at it.  He also loves walking (new this month!) in his rolly chair.  He walks in his rolly chair around in the driveway and on our street.

Eat:  Sage eats three meals a day and drinks 20-25 oz of breastmilk.  This month I started making more of his food.  He loves fresh (puréed) green beans, peas, oatmeal with blueberries, and he also is really digging the Beech Nut organic jar of butternut squash and black beans with cumin.  He also started having the little pouches of fruit/veggies, but still needs help eating them.  We are trying to get Sage to do more finger foods and so far potatoes are his favorite.  Before bed Sage has been having a 7-8 oz bottle.  This is the first month that my supply hasn't kept up with his demand so we were using our freezer stash and introduced formula.

Sage had his first formula bottle (Baby's Only Organic and Honest Company) at the end of the month and chugged it down no problem.  We then made the decision to switch to formula 100% for two weeks or so to see if it helps Sage's eczema (possible food allergy from something I eat?).  I'm currently pumping and putting everything in the freezer.

Sleep:  Oh sleep, you have come back into my life!!!  Yup, this is the first month that Sage slept through the night many times.  Not every night, but it happened and it's a really big deal.  It's the first time in 10 months I slept like 7+ hours and I think my body still is processing that much sleep.  But this is about Sage and great job baby boy!  We had to play a little tough and teach him to self soothe and it paid off.  Sage typically sleeps 8-6ish overall.

New this month:

Wearing 18 month clothes

Went in kiddy pool

Goes to farmers market with parents

Eczema got bad on face again at end of month. We are trying all natural creams now (babyganics).  Trying to figure out if there are certain triggers.  It is looking much better.

Walks in rolling chair

Likes to stand/walk holding our hands

Sits in grocery cart and loves Wegmans and Target (like his mama!)

Takes bath in big tub now and likes to drink water from faucet (ha!)

Fascinated with refrigerator/freezer when door open

Opening all cabinets

Teething!  Sage has 6 teeth and a third too tooth on top just came in.  There were some tough nights for baby boy. 

We transitioned to formula at end of month

Key Dates:

May 16 - Slept through the night.  First time!!

May 18 - 20 pounds at Dr. Mild ear infection.

May 20 - Took a few steps holding onto his car and next day walked across family room holding onto car.

May 27 - Slept 9-6:45!

May 29, June 3, 4, 5, 9, 10 - slept through the night from 8-6!

Baby boy, you bring us such joy.  You are our sunshine and we love you so much.  Can't wait to see what the next month brings!

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