Monday, January 18, 2016

Pregnancy #2: 14 Weeks Update


We are almost caught up on my updates.  I have officially entered the second trimester.  Yay!!!

I did a comparison picture from 14 weeks with Sage and 14 weeks now. 

Onto the update...

I wrote this post on January 13, 2016

Weeks: 14 weeks (and one day)

Total Weight Gain: 5 pounds

Body:  I’ve got a little bump and now that I’ve entered the second trimester I am feeling so much better.  Not really nauseous anymore, but I need to eat often.  I have low blood sugar (not something new) and especially with pregnancy I need to pay special attention to it and eat every two hours. 

Clothes:  I wear all maternity pants because they rock.  Elastic waist jeans, you’re amazing.  With my first pregnancy, I tried to wear my normal pants as long as possible, but with this one the maternity pants were waiting in the closet so I jumped right in a few weeks ago.  I can still wear many of my tops, but once again the pregnancy tanks and tee-shirts are just so comfy.  Do you sense my theme of wearing what is comfortable?

Cravings:  I still love all the carbs, but other food is much more appealing now.  I’m making a point to eat more fruits and vegetables, but bagels, pasta and bread are still my food of choice.  I opt for whole wheat pasta and sprouted wheat bread, so that makes me feel a bit better about it.  I have been loving tofu too.

Sleep:  I’ve been staying awake a little later, and by that I mean like 9:30pm at the latest.  I still fall asleep to pretty much every TV show we watch before bed, but I’m not as tired when I get up at 6am the next morning.  Overall, I’ve just felt more rested.  Sage even has been sleeping in later (until 7am sometimes!) and that is incredible. 

Best Moment(s):  Hearing the baby’s heartbeat today!!  Also, I found out we find out the gender at 20 weeks.  Woohoo!

Goals:  Eat more vegetables and start making breakfast shakes again.

Other:  I want to mention that my husband and I came down with a horrible stomach bug (or it could have been food poisoning) on Sunday night (for him) and Monday morning (for me).  Monday was brutal.  I’m lucky I could keep down sprite and Gatorade and I had some crackers with peanut butter.  It was a nasty thing.  Sadly the last thing we had before getting sick was Chipotle and now I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to have it again.  Bad association.  My dad saved the day by coming to our house and playing with Sage for a few hours just so we could rest.  Having a stomach bug and caring for a toddler is downright HARD.  Anyways, we are feeling much better now and I’m grateful for that! 

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  1. Great update - and glad you're feeling better! We had the stomach bug roll through, and I am lucky to have a strong system (so I basically feel crappy for a few hours) but Lisa was taken down *hard* ... no raviolis or red-sauce centric foods for her anytime soon!

    Definitely remember seeing the difference first to second pregnancy with Lisa (our boys are 17 months apart), not sure how much is related to wearing maternity clothes versus actual body changes ...

    ... but I did have to laugh in the comparison pictures how the first pregnancy picture is all put together and posed and so on ... and the second one there is loads of Sage's stuff and it is full-on 'real life mom' :D