Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pregnancy #2: 15 Weeks Update

Hi there!

We are officially up-to-date.  I entered 15 weeks on Tuesday, so I plan to post weekly going forward.  I'd like to get some non-pregnancy posts up here as well.  Here's what things are looking like lately...  

Weeks:  15

Weight Gain:  Five pounds last week, so I’m probably up around six now.

My Body:  Entering the second trimester is really a wonderful thing.  I’ve got a little bump, my skin is looking good and I feel more energized.   

Trying to explain about the baby...

Cravings:  I’m not ravenous for food, but I do need to eat frequently.  Silk dark chocolate almond milk to start the day has been my go-to the last few days, and then of course a bagel with Tofutti when I get to work.  I’m trying to do better at having leftovers for lunch packed with good stuff like grains, greens and tofu (or something of the sort).  I’m still completely digging the carbs, but I’m trying to eat better now that I can stomach it.

Sleep:  I’ve been sleeping well overall, but I toss and turn in the night to stay comfortable.  Last night I went to bed around 9PM, I heard Sage cry at 11PM and woke up out of a sound sleep.  He put himself right back to sleep though and I slept solidly until 5AM.  I’d call that a pretty great night of sleep!  I know what the future holds sleep wise, so I’m just soaking in as much sleep as I get now. 

Best Moments:  Sunday was my 29th birthday and I spent the day with my husband and Sage.  It was a wonderful day with them.  My sinuses were actually really hurting that day and I had a headache I couldn’t kick, but it still was very relaxing.  We got a huge vegan breakfast of tofu scramble, pancakes with ice cream and french toast.  We went all out and Sage had fun playing with toys at the table and trying a few bites here and there.  We then went to the Trader Joe’s for a few items and then the pet store so Sage could look at the animals.  Sage took a three-hour nap in the afternoon and I even snuck in a nap, and I typically am not a nap person.  We ordered Thai for dinner and watched three episodes of Sense 8 when Sage went to bed.  Oh, I also had made a batch of vegan funfetti cupcakes!  We recently upgraded to the new iPhones so that was a wonderful present. 

Goals:  Continue to clean out the spare room (pictured above - we made BIG progress on my birthday, but there is plenty more work to do).  Originally we were going to make that the baby’s room, but we’ve decided we are going to move Sage into the spare room and keep his current room as the baby’s room.  The spare room is much bigger and we think it will be really nice for Sage as he’ll have a play area in that room too.  I’m excited to make the transition.  Sage is going to keep his crib as it transitions to a toddler bed (when that happens), and we’ll look for another crib come spring.  There is a huge neighborhood sale and I’m hoping to come across something then.

Happy Thursday! New Serial podcast is up (if you're a fan like me).

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