Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pregnancy #2: 16 Weeks Update


How are you?  Clearly Mr. Sage is having fun around here.  My little goof.  Nothing the dog can't cleanup, right? ;)

I’m back with my sixteen week update.  Baby is the size of an avocado.  Woohoo!

Weight:  I’m sure I’m up another pound or two.  The bump is growing.  I’ll find out in two weeks.

My Body:  Feeling good!  Have a mentioned how nice it is to be in the second trimester?  My energy levels have perked up, my skin is looking good and I hardly ever feel nauseous anymore.  If I do, I just need to eat something.  Also, I think I've felt the baby move a few times.  It's hard to pinpoint, but I swear I've felt those wonderful flutters.

Cravings:  I have still been starting my day with Silk dark chocolate almond milk because it tastes good.  I’m not hungry immediately when I wake up but I can get that down and it makes me feel better.  I then eat breakfast around 8 o’clock.  I’m still going strong with some sort of bread, bagel or pita with Tofutti.  I’m loving grains, greens and tofu at lunch.  Trying to cook more healthy dinners now too.  Last night I made a peanut noodle stir fry (sauce from Isa Does It) with udon noodles, broccoli and tofu.  It was delicious.  A bowl of So Delicious chocolate coconut ice cream did the trick for dessert, and then a bowl of Trader Joe’s multigrain cheerios before bed.  I guess I tend to eat more in the second half of the day.  I still have no desire to have any sort of smoothie or shake for breakfast.  I had one of those a day with Sage so this is a change.

Sleep:  Bed by 10 o’clock and up around 6 o’clock.  I haven’t been falling asleep as early as I was in the first trimester.  I can actually make it through a TV show now.

Best Moments:  We took Sage to toddler gym for the first time over the weekend.  What fun!  We signed up to do it on the weekends and I’m so excited to have this activity to take him to all together as a family.  The workweeks fly by so it’s nice to have this quality time.  We went to the diner nearby before and then off to the gym.  Sage could have stayed in the ball pit all day.  We also took Sage swimming at the YMCA.  I’m not typically a big swimmer but it was a fun time.  He found it hilarious when Daddy or I would pop out from underneath the water.  I’m cherishing all this one-on-one time with Sage because I know my attention will be divided come July.

Goals:  After work I just want to enjoy the quality time with my family.  It’s hard sometimes for me not to get caught up with cleaning, laundry or organizing.  Sage is a great reminder to live in the moment.  He’ll come over to me and grab my hand or come sit in my lap with a book and it immediately brings me into the moment.  This is what is important.  The laundry and dishes aren't going anywhere.

Hope you have a great rest of your week!

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